Starting New

Hello All!
It’s been FOR-EV-ER since I posted and some things have changed. I am not a vegan anymore but I am still veggie. I am on winter break right now and I have been eating a lot of sweets and I think I have gained wait. I haven’t weighed myself. I don’t know how healthy that would be for my happiness, but I decided to do a fresh start.
I am going to go on a diet. I am calling it a diet because one of my goals is to lose wait, but also to feel healthy and clean. Recently I have been feeling a little gross. I also feel more comfortable calling it a diet because I am 18 now and diets always say “18 or older” and for some reason I feel better now. I am not going on a program, but I have updated a journal where I will log my exercise and write my goals. It is a 8 week plan and we will see how it goes.

My guidelines:
Less Carbs
Exercise at least three days a week but strive for 5 days a week (strength and cardio)
Less deserts

My rules:
I can have tons and tons of fruit if I want
I will not be mad at myself if I don’t exercise. Some weeks are crazy and I can’t judge myself for that.

I will be posting here pretty often.
Get ready
Izze 🙂



Hi everyone, Long time no write!

I have been so busy with final exams, catching up with old friends, and getting back on rhythm and I haven’t been able to write.

With these complications, it has also been hard to exercise and eat clean. Some weeks have been better than others, but I really need to get back on track. So I have set up some goals for myself for at least to the end of february (leap year?).

1. drink at least 1.5 water bottles throughout the school day

2. go to sleep at 10 (I have to finish this post fast to get on track

3. Only eat what I need

4. exercise at least 3 days a week


What is this you might ask, well this is a challenge I made up based on something I saw on pinterest. The post on pinterest said that it was a challenge to do 1000 burpees by Febuary 28th. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have the time, or at the fitness level to do so many in once month. So I altered it. Here is my plan: week 1 (Jan 28-Feb 3): 5 burpees (x7 days), week 2: (Feb 4-10) 10(x7), week 3: 15 (x7), Week 4: 20 (x7), Week 5: 25(x7), Week 6: 30 (x7)!!! All together that would be 735 burpees In 6 WEEKS! I think that’s pretty good. The idea is that each week I will add 5 burpees, making it get harder as my fitness goes up. 

So you might ask, What is a Burpee? A burpee is where you jump in the air and lift your arms, land in a crouching position, jump or step back into a plank and (optional: do a pushup). It kind of looks like a frog jumping, and the word burpee reminds me of froggy 🙂 They can be really hard but they get better over time. If you are still unsure, here is a video on how to do them.

You might be like, “Izze, Why are you explaining a burpee?” And that’s because I challenge YOU America to do this challenge. It will strengthen your fitness and I will be doing it a long with you! So do it with your friends, send in pictures, get fit. I will be posting pics of  me/update you on how it’s going and I would love if you could comment how it’s going for you (maybe even send in pics.) 

Join me, smile, laugh, sleep well


PS: I’M GOING TO TAKE A BREAK FOR VEGANISM ON FEBUARY 14th THROUGH THE BEGINNING OF SEPTERMBER!!! I know this blog is about a teen vegan, and it still will be. Besides the burpee challenge, when the day arrives I will post about it. I will post about how it’s going and thoughts throughout the break. I will still be vegetarian. So I will explain in my next post about why I am doing this. night night.


A “beach body” – click on image to enlarge

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.59.40 PM

I know I’ve been posting a lot about body image, but that is also about health. I know it’s December but I was just thinking about this term. There are so many things that say (even now) “how to get a bikini body!” Why can’t we just be who and how we are – and be proud of it!

Why do we have these standards?

I think fitness and health is really important, but sometimes I wonder at the end of the day why I am on this path. Is it for myself or for others? I could talk more about this, but for tonight I think you should listen what she has to say.

Instead of ‘Beating her,’ can we have a tie?

Instead of 'Beating her,' can we have a tie?

This is an interesting picture and a supposedly “motivation” picture, but I’m not totally sure.

I was first Skeptical when it said ‘I will beat her.’ I know there have been times when I have tried to run a little faster than someone on the treadmill or have looked at the person next to me at lunch and felt a little proud that I had a more healthy lunch on my plate (I know not the best but I have a point.) We all have those moments, however I believe how ever hard it is, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, especially when we are taking this personal fitness journey.

So I read on and I finally see ‘She is the Old Me.’ I understand why someone would think this is motivating, but I have two problems with it. 1. whatever journey you are on is at the stage you are at, so why do these things and feel that you aren’t working hard enough. 2. The time when you weren’t on this journey (actually maybe you have always been on this journey – life or whatever this journey is to you) you were a wonderful beautiful person but for some reason you made this change, and you shouldn’t read this and look back that you ever felt that you weren’t being the best you. I think we change, but our whole lives, on the inside and out, you are the best thing you could ever be. You are YOU! Oh actually I have three things. And 3. Before I started this list I said we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but I think the worst thing is comparing ourselves to ourselves. I hardly use this word, but I hate that feeling. It doesn’t help anyone in the world.

So you might totally disagree with me, but I just had to share this. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below
I hope you have a lovely sunday 🙂



I just did this workout three times and oh my goodness, I was sweating. The best feeling is when you wash your face and you feel so good. Happy Evening and soon sleeping everyone!

Going to try to do this every day this week! I challenge you to as well!
ps. I recommend blasting music while you do this, it helps and makes it fun. 🙂